Forensic Identities II
Artist : Dennis Onofua
Dimensions: 18 x 24 inches
Availability : available
Medium : Mixed Media on Fabriano Paper
Year : 2022

Posed by forms of abstract portraitures are Elderly Identities portraying forensics and asceticism towards life in general. The need for self denial and disciplinary attitude especially being a husband or a father cannot be overemphasized such as in the society we are, encircled with so much structural imbalances in the facets of economic, academia, social and business sector. The artist intention is the drive a chain of consciousness through the distintive language of forensic and ascetic function, in the light of the iris series. Therefore, utilizing these system of uniformity as means to combat Sybaritic, Licentious and prodigality dispositions. Hence, preserving the homes from perpetual alleviation of pains and discomforts. In deeds never to lean against anything when kneeling, never to drink when parched with thirst, forgoing arguments but optimistic about life, disciplined and focused safeguarding their well being and longevity.